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Report 2017
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This annual report, the Corporate Social Responsibilty Report prepared by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Orano Mining, is the result of the mobilization of all our teams at our headquarters and our sites.

We have created a website completely devoted to this annual report, and have discontinued the production of an entire hardcopy version. Our readers can build their own PDF version of the report, targeting subjects of interest to them, in the "Download" section.

Although this report cannot claim to give exhaustive responses to all our stakeholders, we have endeavored to present the most relevant performance data for the period covered.

In order to better meet their expectations, we would like the various groups of stakeholders to become progressively more involved in the preparation of this report. To this end, we offer a "Participate" feature, so that people interested in our activities can point out their principal subjects of interest to us and contribute to a questions forum in the "Contact us" section, which we will answer through our CSR Reports.

Reporting period

The 2017 CSR Report is the eighth edition of this annual exercise. The previous reports are available for download in the "Annual report archive" at the foot of each page of the website.

2017 CSR Report is a report with the following characteristics:

  • it covers our responsible commitments performance for the year 2017, which means the reporting ran up to December 31, 2017;
  • it has been prepared in accordance with the orientations of the materiality exercise realized at the end of 2016;
  • it is based on the essentials or core criteria of the Standards version of the GRI;
  • we provide our stakeholders with the "Participate" feature to allow them to take part in process of preparing future CSR Reports.

Scope of information

In application of Orano's strategy and policies and the orientations provided by our 2016 materiality matrix, this report aims to present the performance linked to the main CSR challenges of the mining activities under six broad families of commitments: health, occupational safety and radiation protection, environment and biodiversity, social commitment, commitment to employees, mining closure, R&D and innovation.

The CSR Policy section sets out our underpinning commitments.

The data given cover, as did the previous CSR Report, the assets for which Orano Mining acts as operator in uranium mining activities: exploration, project development, production and remediation. The consolidated data target activities in France, Canada, Niger, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Gabon and Namibia. When the scope only covers one given country, this is mentioned (in particular in the commitment to employees chapter).

There are no issues identified outside the organization as relevant.

GRI and third party verification

Within the 2017 scope of mining activities, our teams have applied the guidelines set out in version Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as well as the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement (SSMM).

We therefore meet the commitments made as part of our involvement in the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). This process is being carried out in accordance with the Grenelle 2 environment law, which lays down regulations with regard to the topics to be dealt with in non-financial reporting by companies.

This year, once again, we have conducted an independent verification of the content of this report in compliance with the ICMM Audit procedure and the AA1000 ethical auditing principes. The acknowledgement received from the auditing firm is available for "download".

Each year the Orano group conducts an audit on a sample of extra-financial indicators as part of the independent verification of the Annual report. As such, a number of our mining sites may be selected for the review of these indicators. The Bessines site in France and the Katco site in Kazakhstan were audited in 2017 and the Mongolia site will be audited in 2018.

Reporting protocol

For environmental, social, economic and ethical topics, internal technical protocols have been available for several years. They enable us to answer to several indicators proposed in the GRI guidelines.

French regulatory constraints do not allow us to report on categories of indicators relating to diversity and covered by other national regulations.

Finally, as far as possible, for all topics on which we do not have or are updating technical protocols, we strive to take the GRI approach into account when relevant and applicable to the scope of our activities.