Orano Mining
Corporate Social Responsibility
Report 2017
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Our approach aims to improve our practices based on
six major responsibility commitments
For us, "Being a responsible mining company" means identifying key challenges and opportunities while prioritizing our actions.

Objectives of responsability

Risk management and prevention form one of the pillars of our day to day management, in particular in the fields of occupational safety and security, radiation protection and the environment. We are continuing the work already begun.

The context of the uranium market has led our teams to focus efforts in the field of industrial performance, to continue to satisfy our customers whilst meeting optimum production costs and maintaining our mining activities in the countries in which we have a presence, in compliance with our corporate responsibility commitments.

Around the world, our practices must be strengthened in the fields of social engagement and post-mining management. This calls for the identification and implementation of a mid-to-long-term strategy, which has now been devised through the CSR policy drawn up with all of our sites in order to be able to integrate the specific features of each country in which the Mining BU operates.

Orano's mining activities respect fundamental human rights and put this respect into practice by complying with the regulations in force, implementing the Orano Values Charter, and managing risks. In 2015 we developed operational tools specific to Human Rights, in 2016 a specific plan for its deployment will be implemented.

Finally, the acceptability of our mining activities is essential, requiring constant dialogue and consultation with our local stakeholders over these key areas of responsibility. We are pursuing these relationships and keeping our commitments in terms of transparency and partnerships.

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