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Corporate Social Responsibility
Report 2017
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Step 1

Your profile (1/8)

Have you:

Step 2

Your profile (2/8)

Which stakeholder group would you say you belong to?

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Your contact details (OPTIONAL) (3/8)

Organization/Company name/association...

Your name

Your function

E-mail address

Step 4

Scope of our activities that interests you (4/8)

You are interested in:

Step 5

Scope of our activities that interests you (4/7)

The CSR issues that interest you relate to:

Step 6

Reporting format (6/8)

What kind of reporting is of most interest to you?

Step 7

Expected topics (7/8)

What are the 5 materiality criteria where you have the most expectations?

Which are the topics where you expect the most from us in terms of reporting? (open comments, 250 words max.)

Step 8

Quality of 2016 report (8/8)

For each of the below criteria, assess your degree of satisfaction with the report

Balanced :
reflects the positive and negative aspects of our mining activities
Comparability :
allows you to make performance comparisons between one year and another or between the group and other companies
Accuracy :
information is precise and detailed
Frequency :
information is disclosed in timely manner
Clarity :
information is comprehensible and accessible
Reliability :
all data needed to assess the relevance and accuracy of the information is disclosed